Innovative and improved approaches to mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

This coaching Documentary Film is done in order to inspire and give courage to people dealing with divorce, hand over several coping skills to help them deal and heal from the trauma and finally entertain them along their painful journey. We call it a Spring Film Therapy. We are EU Funded as ‘new and improved ways to high mental health and better emotional well being.’ Try our Film Therapy in our Coaching Programs at our Academy for Inner Excellence.

Film Summary

By Daniel Seibert, Assistant Director & Mentor to Sharon during the production of her Film Therapy

  • Deep and moving insight into a bittersweet portrayal of a daughter-wife-mother’s story against the challenges of modern day family strife. A basic positive feeling can be experienced throughout the film. An inspiring illustration of a mother’s determination for optimism and hope over the spectre of abuse and Delusion, drawing from vital family values.
  • An extraordinary manner of coping by a unique personality.
  • The audience is taken on an epic 3-year journey full of highs and lows / victories and losses to gain a new perspective on life and love or experience a metamorphosis like the protagonist herself.
  • The audience looks into a “mirror” and can identify and reflect on one’s own behavior.  Moving and thought-provoking.
  • The film passes on a special and inspiring perspective to life and love to enlighten the audience.
  • A very personal and intimate true-life story.
  • The film was shot by the protagonist (except for the interview) to retain complete authenticity of the moment.
  • The film has various parallel strategies complementing each other.
  • An original and genuine autobiographical documentary film and a psychological study.


Join us for a session of Film Therapy. Heal and deal with trauma of Divorce through watching our Coaching Documentary Film. Gain insights and new perspectives on how to see the light at the end of the tunnel and experience positive change. We also try to create awareness on children’s rights during divorce. Following the 1 hour 20 minute documentary film, a question and answer session with the protagonist and Film Director will take place.



SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme – ERDF.03.S1.Call 1.0052 – Business plan for new and improved approaches to mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

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